As Long As You Are There

As long as you are there to hold my hand,
I'll keep falling.

As long as you are there to wipe my tears,
I'll keep crying.

As long as you can read my face,
I'll keep hiding.

As long as you are there to love me,
I'll keep living.

This world has not given me much,
A lot of pain, many a heartfelt sigh.

My only comfort is your gentle touch,
My heart's speaking, this isn't a lie.

I wasn't scared of the intense dark,
Life's ugly face did not bother me.

But my fate left such a deep mark,
That I was blinded, I just couldn't see.

I gasped for breath, my vision was clouded,
Without you, like a death-toll every noise sounded.

I don't regret now I've forgotten every map,
I have surrendered I have lost.

You win dear fate, you win over me,
And I as a gentle dove, sleep in god's lap.